iPhone 6 Plus Screen Replacement




NEW iPhone 6 Plus LCD Screen Replacement

100% Brand New,Each assembly is tested before shipping.
Color:For iPhone 6 Plus Black
Screen Replacement Repair Kit Only for iPhone 6 Plus, 5.5″
Outer glass with touch digitizer + retina LCD screen + supporting frame.
It is used to replace the faulty screen: display problems, dead pixels, cracked LCD screens, wrong color issues.

1. Power Off the device before starting
2. Use the correct screwdriver to open the screws
3. Need to remark the screws and keep in mind its’ original position
4. Remember to disassembly the battery connector when doing further steps
5. Do not forget to test the LCD
6. Be careful to disassembly the home button, it is easy broken
7. Avoid to pull the flex cable too hard
8. Do not press the upper 2 corners of the LCD, it is easy damage

What is Included:
1 x (outer glass with touch digitizer + LCD screen + supporting frame) Assembly for iPhone 6 Plus

Available Color – BLACK!

Home button and camera are not included.