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Whistle Key Finder

With the rapid development of smart technology, there has emerged diverfied smart products to benefiting people’s daily life. Key finder is definitely in the range. It’s been popular for a while.

Globesty can provide you with a pool of choices for key finders with different design but same smart function.

If you are a person who always forget where your things like keys, phone, purse, then this key finder is definitely designed for you.


1. Firstly attach this electronic key finder to your items, like keys or any other things.

2. Switch on:Pull the switch from the side”o”to side”I”. o means OFF and “I”means “ON”

3. You can whistle it out when you want to find your keys that have been attached with the key finder. The key finder would react to your whistle by beeping or beeping and flashing.

4. It won’t react to all kinds of sounds but just to whistle or sharp sound.