LCD Drawing Tablet




Writing Message Board LCD Drawing Tablet Kids Paperless Notepad

Pressure-sensitive LCD writing surface makes your writing or drawing appear without any delay.
Easy opreation: Erase your entire image with the touch of a button – and a friendly flash from the liquid crystal display.
Suitable for designer, business man, teacher, doctors, deaf people, housewife for the daily shopping note, even as a family message board to deliver your love to your family.
Applications: good helper for students to take class notes, drafts and solve mathematical problems. Easy to cultivate children’s writing, calculus, painting abilities, learn with fun.
Handy Little Tool: Eco-friendly environmental protection, paperless, lightweight, ultra-slim and portable. It is quiet easy for you to carry and can be easily slided into your briefcase, backpack, or other bag.
LOW POWER CONSUMPTION: LCD technology built in 3V coin battery (replaceable)never need to charge, can work for 3 years,write over 50000 times.
Material: plastic.
Size: 225*140*4mm/271*176*5mm/282*186*5mm
Screen size: 8.5 inch / 10 inch / 12 inch.
Color: show as pictures.

Please use soft and dried wipe to clear the surface.
Please avoid using hard sharp obiect to write on the pannel.
If the board can be writen on, but can not be cleared. Please don’t worry, it’s not damaged. It’s because that the battery runs out, and it’s time to change a new battery in it.
If there are greenmarks on the board after it has been placed for a long time, it will disappear as soon as you push the delete button
If you decide to place the board for a period of time, we suggest that the battery should be taken out.

Package include:
1 * Digital Drawing Tablet with pen.