Wireless Foldable Computer Mouse

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High Quality Foldable 3 Buttons Wireless Computer Mouse

wireless mouse slim
Ergonomic design, pull out the palm arc shape, very fit now popular use of color books, on the bag does not occupy any Storage space is very convenient, the use of advanced, high-frequency optical positioning technology can be used in any desktop, wireless 2.4G plug and play
flexible with your use of distance, lifting the cable implicated troubles.
built-in receiver for easy storage
the use of matte material, excellent grip, lightweight, durable design
enjoy the comfort of widely available and easily fit the palm of shape, use of natural comfort grip, reduce hand fatigue;
for your power: stop enters the standby state, the standby current 0.4mA, stopped 15 seconds does not move into hibernation, sleep current 0.08mA (activation: Mobile activation);
Optical Engine: Experience smooth, precise tracking

Buttons: 3
DPI: 1000
Lifetime: more than 20,000 hours
Operating distance: 8-10 meters
Color: black, white,red
Material: ABS
Battery: 2 x AAA(not included)
Net weight: 50g

Package includes:
1 x Wireless folding Mouse

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